Why Is The Donor Area Vital For A Hair Transplant?

The donor area is most vital for a Hair Transplant Procedure hence the pertinent need in having a very healthy donor area and managing the desires of needed grafts in one sitting as overharvesting may damage the donor area permanently whilst closing the option for a 2nd and 3rd Hair Transplant Procedure. This is the reason why that the 1st Hair Transplant Procedure must be performed by a highly credentialed and richly experienced Hair Physician.

Would One Hair Transplant Procedure be sufficient?

Yes, one hair transplant procedure is sufficient for full coverage of hair loss and balding provided that the advice by the Hair Physician is followed pertaining to the needed grafts and medication protocols.

Why a 2nd or 3rd Hair Transplant Procedure?

This is for those who are highly ambitious about having the hair density and volume of their heart’s desire. Yes, they can opt for the 2nd and 3rd Hair Transplant Procedure and it is 100% safe. There are those who have done 4 procedures, this can be safely done providing that the donor area is healthy and undamaged.

How many grafts are safe for one hair transplant procedure?

Should you desire more grafts, it can be done in another sitting after 8 months of the previous procedure.

Are Hair Doctors Medical Doctors?

Absolutely and one should strictly go to a Medical Doctor who has specialized in Hair Restoration Procedures. Never opt for a beauty centre or procedures done by unqualified nurses and most importantly, never opt for cheap prices as you’d place yourself under a very high possibility of experiencing a failed hair transplant, permanent health issues and even death.

Is there pain during the extraction and implanting of Grafts?

Absolutely not! Pain is very well managed by the doctor. You would be administered with Local Anaesthesia and kept very comfortable.

Will I be knocked off during the procedure?

No. We against this practice. Local Anaesthesia is localized to the region of surgery. The doctor will be in communication with you during the procedure.

Will I have to consume hair medication after the procedure?

Yes, and please be aware that if you have decided on going through a hair transplant, medication protocols for a year or more on a daily basis must be strictly adhered to!

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