Female has U shaped hairline While Male has M shaped hairline

Understanding the difference between male and female hairlines is of critical importance in hair transplants for both women and trans women as this is necessary to create a natural appearance. Do not underestimate what a hair transplant can do to redeem your hairline

We believe that a transgender hair transplant should look as natural as possible and should be indistinguishable from non-transplanted hair. At GLOJAS all patients are attended to with care and the utmost respect.

Here at GLOJAS, you’ll find the reason we have such happy transgender hair transplant before and after patients is because of our patient-focused philosophy and open-minded mentality. Over the years our clinic has served a wide range of individuals from all walks of life including the LGBTQ community.

Not only do we believe in building honest relationships, we approach each transgender hair transplant by focusing on three specific factors: our natural hair transplant techniques, transgender hair transplant patient care during procedure and competitive hair transplant costs for those transitioning. We believe that the process of a transitioning hair transplant should be simple and easy-to-conceptualize while yielding world-class results with our SMART™ method.

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