Should I Prefer Medication or Hair Transplant?

Despite the fact that over half of all men experience hair loss before age 50, the embarrassment and frustration of seeing more scalp and fewer locks is inevitable.

Thankfully, we now live in an era when science and medicine offer many solutions to this age-old problem. Two of the most popular and effective Hair solutions in GLOJAS include medication and hair transplant surgery. But with significant pros and cons for each, which one’s right for you?

 Let’s dive into some common hair loss situations and discover your perfect hair growth solution with GLOJAS.

 Am I too young for a hair transplant?

 But how young is too young? Hair Transplantation in GLOJAS specialists recommend that patients be over age 25 before undergoing the procedure. This is because hair growth patterns often aren’t fully developed until the patient’s late 20s or early 30s. Understanding this pattern is essential in creating a more natural look. In order to ensure optimal results, specialists will wait until this pattern is clear before declaring patients’ good candidates.

My hair is just starting to thin. What do I do first? 

Are you starting to notice excess hair falling out in the shower? Or maybe more of your scalp is beginning to shine through that once impenetrable mane? Don’t panic. Instead, get proactive and hold onto the hair you have left. Early treatment is far and away the best method to minimize future hair loss.

However, reacting at the first sign of hair loss isn’t typically recommended. Instead, try starting with medications like finasteride or dutasteride before seriously considering hair transplant surgery. With low side effects and high success rates, non-invasive solutions are preferred before jumping straight to surgery.

If you continue taking the medication, balding is often kept at bay. However, results can’t be guaranteed, and some men won’t see significant improvement. Also, though rare, side effects and drug interactions do exist occasionally making medication unfeasible. In these cases, another hair growth solution might be recommended. 

I’m still going bald even though I tried everything. 

Most of the people seeking out Hair transplant in GLOJAS services will tell you that one of their main reasons for doing so is that balding made them feel disappointed with the way they look. You’ve done it all from shampoos to medications to light treatments with little success. Now might be the time to look into hair transplant surgery. With few side effects and minimal recovery time, this procedure is one of the best and most effective and although expensive ways to permanently regrow your own hair.

Though risks are low, a hair transplant is still a legitimate surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you choose the follicular unit excision (FUE) or the follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the procedure involves hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny incisions made for each hair follicle to be placed into your balding scalp.

Soreness is likely for up to one or two weeks. Within about six months, expect to start seeing new growth in the transplanted areas. After about a year you’ll be showing off your results with new growth so naturally even close friends or family may not know you’ve had a transplant. The good news is the results of surgery are essentially permanent.

Ready to figure out whether medication, a hair transplant surgery, or another hair growth method is the right choice for you? Trust the experts at GLOJAS. Our team provides our patients with amazing, professional results and exceptional care.