Selecting the Right Hair Transplant Doctor

One of the important things that you have to consider when planning to get a hair transplant done is to find the right hair loss doctor. You have only very little chance to get it right with a limited amount of hair donors, therefore your first should ideally be your best. So how do you find a good hair surgeon? Here are some tips to help you make sure that you get the service that you deserve and your money’s worth.

Find a surgeon who is board certified. A license or a certification would mean that the he or she has the proper education and training to perform a very delicate procedure.

Aside from counting in education, experience should also be considered. A good amount of experience can ensure that the surgeon can do a skillful job and techniques that will render impressive results.

A hair surgeon who maintains an active membership and participation in hair restoration organizations is a plus. This goes to show that he is taking measures to keep his practice up to date with what’s current in the industry.

Looking at a surgeon’s portfolio will take you through the kind of work he does. This will stand as your gauge on whether one surgeon gives better results than another. Ask around from friends or in forums which you can find in the web about good hair surgeons.

Sometimes a good doctor would have a list of names of his past clients who are willing to share their experience. This way you get to understand the procedure from the viewpoint of patients. You get to know how they were treated throughout the procedure and how it actually went. But best of all, by taking the time to contact these clients you can actually see for yourself how the surgery resulted.

When checking for excellent results, it should be that the directions of the hair go along with the surrounding hair.

It is also important to ask a hair surgeon on the number of transplants he does on a daily basis. You should be worried if a surgeon states that he is able to do ten patients in a day. Remember this procedure takes a good amount of time to finish.

You can also do personal visits to the clinic to personally see the facilities. Is the clinic really equipped with the adequate instruments and whether they are practicing proper infection control to better ensure your safety? Remember never rush your decision and consult first!