Searching For The Best Hair Transplant?

Searching for the Best Hair Transplant?

An FUE Hair Transplant

An FUE Hair Transplant is the latest available technology for a Hair Transplant Procedure where follicles are extracted from the donor area located behind the head and then implanted to the areas of hair loss and balding.

Why is the donor area located behind the head?

The donor area located behind the head are the healthiest and in most cases never experience hair loss. Hormonal change usually does not affect the donor area hence it’s location is perfect as a donor area for permanent results.

How many grafts would I need?

This is based on the severity of your hair loss. It can be 1,000 to 2,000 Grafts for your frontal hair loss and 3,000 to 4,000 Grafts for your Crown. This will be decided by the Doctor during your Free Consultation.

Is a Hair Doctor a qualified Medical Doctor?

Yes, a Hair Doctor has to be a qualified Doctor who has done further studies in Hair Transplant Surgery and Hair Regrowth Treatments. The reason why it is pertinent that your doctor hold hair transplant credentials and rich experience.

What is the maximum grafts in one sitting?

It cannot exceed 4,000 Grafts in one sitting.

Would 4,000 Grafts give me full coverage for my hair loss and balding?

Absolutely yes! However, not everyone requires 4,000 grafts and for those with a more ambitious need for hair density and volume can opt for a 2nd and 3rd sitting with 8 months interval.

How long does one hair transplant sitting take?

It can take a full day.

Are results guaranteed?

Yes but we need patients to fully cooperate with us in strictly following their hair medication protocols and attending all follow-up appointments for a year or more.

Is there pain during the Hair Transplant procedure?

Pain is well managed by the administration of Local Anesthesia and the doctor will keep you very comfortable during the procedure.

Will I be knocked off to sleep during the procedure?

Definitely not. Local Anesthesia is localized to the region of surgery only and not made to knock you off to sleep. The doctor will be in communication with you during the procedure.

What would be the downtime after surgery?

Downtime as in the healing of the region would take 7 to 10 days. However, your daily routine would not be affected.

How long would full results take to show?

One must be very patient. Results will start showing after the 4th month and 80% of the results will show after 9 months and then gradually become 100% within the 12th to the 14th month.

Our Commitment & Journey with you!

We take up the commitment and journey with you from Pre Procedure to the Procedure, Post Procedure and until full results are achieved.

SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplant

SMART™ is legally patented and only available in Hair Transplant Malaysia. It is a combination of formulations and techniques derived from more than 20 years of practice and research. SMART™ is our assurance of quality and successful results that supersede all expectations.