Natural Hair Transplants At Hair Transplant Malaysia

There are two options in the market, one is a Synthetic Hair Transplant procedure which we are completely against due to the fact that it causes many issues to health and well-being, not forgetting the serious complications experienced post procedure.

The second option is Hair Transplants that strictly uses your own God given follicles which is located behind your head. A human scalp generally has 100,000 grafts and we do not exceed 4,000 grafts in one sitting. Yes, 4,000 grafts is sufficient for full coverage of hair loss issues and balding. However, some may have more ambitious desires in having much higher hair density and volume, in such cases, one can pursue a 2nd or 3rd Hair Transplant Procedure with 8 months intervals since the previous hair transplant procedure. These hair transplants known as an FUE Hair Transplant and FUT Hair Transplant are 100% natural as mentioned above as it uses your own follicles. There is nothing foreign involved in these Hair Transplant Procedures. Your follicles are extracted from your donor area and them implanted into the areas of hair loss and balding.

Are Hair Transplants Safe to Life & Health?

A safe hair transplant must be performed by a Medical Doctor, it is minimally invasive but requires a Medical Doctor with his team of qualified and experienced Nurses. A Beauty Centre neither cheap solutions such as technicians and hotel settings are illegal and highly dangerous. The health complications caused by these illegitimate centres are life long and there have been cases of death. It is highly pertinent that a Medical Doctor is performing your procedure and that number of grafts cannot exceed 4,000 grafts. Medical doctors would naturally look at your health history and underlying medical issues and medications before qualifying you for the hair transplant procedure. You are strictly required to be fully transparent with your doctor and to cooperate with him from pre procedure to post procedure until successful results have been achieved. A cooperative patient makes a huge difference in end results.

Dato’ Dr.JasG and Dr.Mohd Ali performed all Hair Transplant Procedures which are either an FUE or an FUT or at times a combination of an FUE and an FUT. We perform all hair transplants for scalp, eyebrows, moustache, side burns, goatee and beards including Chest Hair.

So the direct answer would be, yes, hair transplants are more than safe to life and health as long as it’s performed by a qualified and registered medical doctor who holds high credentials and rich experience.

Will I experience Pain?

Local Anaesthesia will be administered on the region of surgery, making the patient very comfortable and at ease throughout the entire hair transplant procedure and the patient would not be knocked off with full sedation as we strong feel that the patient must be in communication with the doctor throughout the hair transplant procedure.

What would be the downtime after the surgery?

In terms of recovery of the region, it would take 7 to 10 days. However, your daily routine will not be affected.

How long would results take to show?

Results will begin to show after the 4th month. 80% of the results would show after 9 months and 100% results would show on the 12th or 14th month.

SMART™️ FUE & SMART™️ FUT Hair Transplant Procedures

SMART™️ is our legally patented trademark which belongs solely to Hair Transplant Malaysia. SMART™️ is a combination of formulas and techniques derived from over 20 years of full-time research and practice in Hair Transplant Procedures. SMART™️ is our assurance of quality and successful results.

Our Commitment & Journey with You

We take up this commitment and journey with you from Pre-Procedure to the Procedure, Post Procedure and until full results are achieved. We ensure satisfactory results!