Malaysia’s Best Low-Level Laser Therapy Hair Loss Treatments (SMART™️ LLLT)

Malaysia’s Best Low-Level Laser Therapy Hair Loss Treatments (SMART™️ LLLT)

You obtain the best Hair Health only at Malaysia’s 1st ABHRS Hair Transplant Centre!

Many seek a cure for Hair Loss through SMART™️ LLLT. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, our Masters of Hair Transplants and Hair Regrowth Treatments provide our very own legally patented SMART™️ LLLT in dealing with Hair Loss. A combination of SMART™️ Hair PRP and SMART™️ Hair Loss Medications may be advised. However, one must take note that the approach taken may differ from patient to patient. The Hair Doctor will look into a combination of SMART™️ PRP, SMART™️ Hair Medications or the need for a SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplant in severe cases of Hair Loss or Balding.

Hair Transplant Malaysia was recently awarded World’s Best Brands Brandlaureate Masters of Hair Transplants and Hair Regrowth Treatments. The legally patented SMART™️ LLLT is a combination of formulas and techniques that may save one from hair loss whilst reversing the need for a Hair Transplant Procedure. However, if follicles have died over a long period of time causing severe Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, then a Hair Transplant is a must.

Do SMART™️ Hair Regrowth Treatments work?

Having been in this practice for more than 20 years by documented fact, we can vouch that our SMART™️ Hair PRP, SMART™️ LLLT and SMART™️ Hair Medications do significantly work and we have produced proven and successful results! These combinations of Hair regrowth treatments are only available in Hair Transplant Malaysia.

Hair Loss at the Crown or Vertex area can be cured with  SMART™️ PRP & SMART™️ LLLT in combination with SMART™️ Hair Loss medications as long as the balding isn’t severe. Severity would mean that the follicles are dead and must be replaced through a Hair Transplant. Yes, in other words, the SMART™️ PRP & SMART™️ LLLT can be an alternative to Hair Transplant for those with mediocre hair loss and hair thinning.

Here our Hair regrowth Treatments are focussed on those experiencing hair thinning and hair loss where their situation can be successfully remedied by our SMART™️ PRP & SMART™️ LLLT and SMART™️ Hair Regrowth Medications without having to undergo a Hair Transplant.

✅ Strictly done by a Senior Hair Restoration Doctor!

✅ Malaysia’s 1st  ABHRS Hair Doctor!

✅ With over 20 years in practice!

✅ Proven Results!

✅ Best Results!

✅ Minimal Pain!

✅ No Downtime!

Why should Hair Transplant Malaysia be my choice for Hair Regrowth Treatments?

SMART™️ Hair Regrowth is a combination of supplements and SMART™️ LLLT & SMART™️ Platelet Rich Plasma. The Platelet Rich Plasma (SMART™️ PRP) is treatment that must be done once a month for the next 8 months without a break in the chain.

SMART™️ is legally patented hence the sole trademark of Hair Transplant Malaysia which was derived from years of experience which is a combination of formulations and techniques for quicker and successful hair regrowth.

How does the SMART™️ LLLT work?

A course of treatment involves 8 sessions, one session twice a month for the next 8 months without a break in the chain.

Is there Pain experienced during SMART™️ LLLT?

Absolutely No Pain is experienced.

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