Look out of Ghost Hair Transplant

Look out of Ghost Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a wonderful procedure that has the potential to transform lives suffering from hair loss suffer from poor self-esteem, at a time of their life when they are looking to establish themselves and make their mark. When done correctly it is safe, effective with long lasting results. But recently there have been several developments which have tarnished this field. You might have seen a flood of advertisements promising ‘100 percent guarantee’ ‘unlimited grafts’ ‘lowest price’ etc.

There has been an influx of untrained individuals performing this surgery. This ranges from doctors who aren’t trained, to non-allopathic practitioners to even technicians who do not have a medical degree, They are known as “Ghost Hair Transplant”, In regard to ISHRS member research on black market hair transplants, they confirmed that this practice is extensive and is causing harm to patients around the world.

What They Do?

Ghost hair transplant is becoming very common across the world including Malaysia. The contextual meaning of ghost hair transplant is when hair transplant surgery is done by technicians who MUST not have performed surgery instead of qualified doctors. Unfortunately, this pose serious risks to unsuspecting men and women seeking help for hair loss.

Ghost hair transplant is one of the main reasons for a bad hair transplant. Many of the clinics may have licenses and smooth websites with testimonials that appear very professional. However, they lack certified surgeons which causes them to hire a group of technicians to perform hair transplant which later results to poor quality outcome, infected scalp and scars. All work is under supervision of surgeon and surgeon SHOULD be around and he cannot leave the premise or go somewhere else as it is wrong both legally and ethically.

What You Can Do?

It is your responsibility; you should know who your hair transplant is. We recommend that if you are seeking hair transplant, know who the doctor is that will be doing the surgery. Verify the doctor’s credentials and training like affiliation with International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Check if your doctor is experienced in hair transplant by asking his results. Ensure that the doctor you meet will be performing the surgery himself. You may ask to have an observer in the room to confirm the doctor does the surgery.

Along with ISHRS, we at GLOJAS are working very hard to educate our society to know this fact. Therefore, we are working diligently to educate you about these dangers. With these simple steps you can make sure you have a right hair transplant experience. Remember that safety cannot be compromised to make a quick buck. Always do your research carefully before choosing your doctor.