How Smoking Cause Hair Loss

Smoking may stunt hair growth. Not only can cigarette indulgence leave the hair with a persistent odor of thick smokiness, it has also been proven to cause potential hair loss over the long term.

A recent observational study found that cigarette smoking may not only cause hair loss, it can accelerate baldness, especially if it is genetic. Cigarette smoking can leave hair lank and more prone to breakage. The smoke has a direct impact on the hair follicle. Not to Mention the fact that cigarette smoke is known to contain more than 4000 lethal and damaging chemicals which can cause all sort of health problems including potential death.

Smoking stops the flow of an adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients through your blood. Because your hair does not get the right amount of the vital nutrients, your hair becomes unhealthy and may become dry, parched and prone to easy breakage. Your hair will always have a persistent odor of smokiness which can also be transferred to your clothing and bedsheets.

Smoking will accelerate the aging of your hair by causing chronic dryness and oil imbalance. The top layers of your hair may become chronically brittle. It has been documented that smoke will flow through the pores of your scalp potentially clogging it with tar and resin residues which can start hair roots.

Smoking causes deprivation of oxygen to the skin and hair. As a result, hair may become discolored from the persistent assault of smoke. Tresses may become oily or lank at the roots from tar build-up on scalp but will remain dry and brittle through the middle or ends.

Smoking has been documented in studies as causing the eventual thinning of the skin covering the scalp which protects the hair roots and follicles. Smoking depletes the collagen of the skin which in turn dehydrates hair, robbing it of necessary oils. Hair elasticity may be impacted by chronic smoking. Smoking can alter the endocrine system or the glands that secrete hair healthy hormones.

Smoking impacts the skin deeply n all levels. Nicotine causes blood vessels in the scalp to constrict, reducing required oxygen to the roots of the hair. Smoking suppress the immune system increasing the risk of scalp diseases and related viral infections. Chronic cigarette smoking can accelerate the development of gray or white hair. Nicotine will age the skin adjacent to the scalp more quickly than normal. Cigarette smoking exhausts Vitamins A and C which is required for healthy, shiny tresses.