Hair Regrowth with Regenera Activa

Hair transplant and Regenera Activa are reputable hair loss treatments. Both have close similarities and stark differences which are important factors prospective patients must consider.So we’re giving you a quick rundown on this to give you the necessary facts to make an informed decision.  


A 3-step process of collecting 3-4 small tissue specimens from the scalp, processing it and administering the necessary components to help stimulate hair growth. Uses patients own micrografts measuring up to 2.5mm in diameter. Autologous, own micro graft so very little chance of allergy or rejection. The change induced happens on a cellular level.

Advantages to REGENERA ACTIVA:

  • Generally safe
  • Less scars
  • Natural-looking results

Who are the suitable candidates for REGENERA ACTIVA?

  • Men and women
  • Patients who are at the early stages of hair loss
  • Up to Norwood Hamilton IV in males and Ludwig II in females with pre-existing, miniaturized hair follicles in the treatment area


REGENERA ACTIVA is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Hair loss caused by other factors aside from androgenetic alopecia
  • Hair loss that stems from cancer treatments
  • Hair loss caused by psychological issues
  • Active local or systemic dermatological diseases of the scalp
  • Not appropriate for scarred areas, bald areas and receding hairline

How many sessions are required for REGENERA ACTIVA?

  • Once a year to 1.5 years

How long is the expected time until results become visible?

  • 1-2 months