Facial Hair Transplants in this case Eyebrow Transplants specifically saw a significant increase around the world over the past 5 years. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we perform SMART™ FUE Transplantations for Eyebrows. SMART™ is legally patented and the brain child of our Founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG.

Eyebrow Transplants are highly dependent on the doctor’s skills. We have two of Malaysia’s and the region’s most sought after Hair Transplant doctors who specialise in scalp hair, facial hair, beard, moustache, goatee, sideburn and eyebrow FUE hair transplants for patients of all ethnic backgrounds.

People today seeking versatility in their facial hair. The ability to grow a full and dense hair to desiring designer image allows them to change their look and presence whenever they like.

How Do Eyebrow Transplants Work?

At Hair Transplant Malaysia we offer SMART™ FUE Eyebrow transplants, this involves the same technique as any other hair transplant procedure and requires doctors to remove hair from a donor area. The most common procedure is the SMART™ FUE where individual hairs are grafted one by one from the donor region and harvest over a larger area. The surgeon is usually able to harvest one of every five follicles, FUE Procedures leave no Scars.

A FUT transplant involves taking a small strip of tissue from the donor area with a microscopic dissection process. The surgeon then closes the wound edge, leaving only a single, fine scar behind. There are three steps to the Eyebrow procedure; hair preparation, hair extraction, and hair placement.

People who have always lacked Eyebrow hair are now turning to Eyebrow transplants. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we have seen a significant rise in beard transplant procedures over the past 5 years. If you’ve lost eyebrow hair, we’d love to restore it for you!

Our Principal hair transplant Doctors use the same concepts as our SMART™ FUE hair transplant for the scalp only this time we apply it to areas of reduced facial hair density in the face region.

We hold superior quality in the delivery of results on par with world class expectations coupled with highly experienced and qualified doctors in FUE, FUT & SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation). We also provide options for high grade SMART™ PRP & Stem Cell.