DHI FUE comparison Jan 04

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) or SMART FUE Hair Transplant?

Direct Hair Implantation procedure is the latest breakthrough in the hair restoration field. It is considered as most innovative and advanced technique of hair transplantation. Direct hair transplant is comparatively fast and completely painless.

In the DHI technique each hair follicle is extracted one-by-one from the donor area and then these hair follicles are implanted directly to the recipient area. There is no need of slit or hole formation over the donor area before the hair follicle transplantation. There occurs no delay in the grafting and implanting of the grafts leading to increased survival of the grafts.

The survival of extracted hair follicles depends on various factors and some of the important factors are: Graft Hydration, Cold Temperature, Prevention of infection and Mechanical trauma during handling of the graft.

Comparison of DHI & SMART FUE

Procedure is performed mostly by certified FUE doctor along with technicians under supervision of doctor. Motorized extractors are used to perform FUE. Slits or holes are created in recipient area prior to the implantation. Hair follicles are placed in the slits using forceps by mostly Doctor or technician under supervision of doctor. Angle, direction and depth are totally controlled, thus providing high graft survival rate and a natural and safe result.

Procedure from start to finish is performed by DHI doctors or technicians only. Extraction of follicles is performed using titanium-coated punches (up to 1mm diameter). Each follicle is inserted directly with the DHI patented implanter. There is very little control on angle, depth and direction due to larger skits and unskilled technicians. The implantation is a one-step process which can cause scars and unnatural looking scars.

With all points considered, innovated SMART FUE is the best techniques of hair transplantation with maximum graft survival rates.