Colouring Your Hair After Undergoing A Hair Transplant

This question often arises especially amongst those who have been accustomed to colouring their hair regularly. Various hair doctors would advise differently on this subject matter but we strongly advice that colouring of hair can only be done 8 months after a Hair Transplant Surgery. Do remember that your scalp would be hypersensitive after your hair transplant surgery whilst taking into consideration that chemicals contained in hair dyes can cause an adverse reaction to the transplanted hair. Many hair dyes claim to be organic and free from chemicals but it’s highly advised not to go for any form of hair dyes for this first 6-12 months after undergoing your hair transplant surgery. Do also take note that cutting or shaving or hair cannot be done in the first three months after undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

Prioritize Patience and Focus on Healthy Hair Regrowth

If you have had hair transplantation done or if you’re thinking about having this procedure done, waiting for an average of 8 months before colouring your hair would be the smartest and healthiest choice as hair starts to grow from the 3rd month onwards, you will notice that your new transplanted hair will grow faster than the previous months. Also, keep in mind that the good effects of hair transplantation may decrease for people who dye their hair regularly. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to wait at least 12 months before dying your hair after hair transplant surgery or after getting the advice from your hair transplant pysician.

Avoid all Chemicals for the first 6-12 months!

Since the hair roots transferred after hair transplantation are quite sensitive, the hair’s exposure to chemical products such as detanglers or dyes can be very harmful to the transplanted hair. You are recommended to wait for at least 6-12 months before applying any chemicals to your hair simply because chemicals and dyes can significantly damage hair roots. It will be better to be a little patient so that you can experience beautiful hair with whichever beautiful colour you want much later on.

Can you dye your hair after a hair transplant?

The answer is yes, you can dye your hair after a transplant. However, it’s important to wait for at least 6-12 months after your hair transplant surgery before colouring your hair. The hair follicles are particularly sensitive after a hair transplant surgery and the harsh chemicals found in hair dyes can risk the high possibility of irritation on the transplanted region whilst severely damaging the grafts. Never forget that your scalp and transplanted grafts would be highly sensitive after your hair transplant surgery.

Strictly Abide by Medication Protocols

You are strictly advised to adhere to daily medication protocols prescribed your hair doctor without a break in the daily consumption chain. Never make decisions on your own when it comes to your daily medication protocols. Any side effects, which is rare, must be informed to your doctor for a change in protocol. There is also much half-baked online information regarding daily hair medications and we reiterate the need that you cooperate with your hair doctor should you desire successful results.