Can I Have A Haircut After Undergoing A Hair Transplant?

Yes, you may but after 1 month of having undergone a hair transplant surgery. This is because grafts implanted are going through a very fragile phase at this period.

How short can I cut my hair after a hair transplant?

If you have undergone an FUE Hair Transplant surgery, you can cut it short because scars from an FUE are unnoticeable to the naked eye. However, if you have undergone an FUT Hair Transplant Surgery, the linear scar would be noticeable if you cut your hair too short. This scar can be successfully camouflaged through an SMP Procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation.

Scars from an FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

These scars are like tiny microdots and go highly unnoticeable to the naked eye hence a short hair style image would have no issues.

An SMP Procedure

A Scalp Micropigmentation procedure is a medical grade ink that mimics real hair follicle and successfully camouflages all scars on the scalp region. The results from an SMP can last between 5 to 7 years. This camouflage goes perfectly well for those who have undergone FUT Hair Transplant Surgeries or have injured their scalp region through accidents leaving severe scars.

Strictly Abide by Medication Protocols

You are strictly advised to adhere to daily medication protocols prescribed your hair doctor without a break in the daily consumption chain. Never make decisions on your own when it comes to your daily medication protocols. Any side effects, which is rare, must be informed to your doctor for a change in protocol. There is also much half-baked online information regarding daily hair medications and we reiterate the need that you cooperate with your hair doctor should you desire successful results.