Safe Hair Transplants in Malaysia carried out by Prof. Dato Dr JasG

Are you someone who is suffering from hair loss? You have tried all sorts of hair growth tips & tricks to prevent further hair loss but failed to see results. So now you have chosen to do a Hair Transplant procedure. Excellent choice ! However, there have been many reports of unsuccessful results and death due to Hair Transplant. Here are a few factors to look out for to ensure that you have a safe Hair Transplant procedure:


If you have come across advertisements that offer extremely low prices for grafts or a hair transplant procedure, be very careful ! Hair Transplant procedures must be carried out by highly skilled and highly qualified surgeons, this means that a hair transplant procedure cannot be cheap or offered at very low prices because it requires years of experience and surgical skills to provide excellent results. During the procedure, grafts are extracted from the donor area and planted onto areas that lack hair. The donor area is not something to be taken LIGHTLY! If overharvesting occurs, which means too many grafts are extracted, your donor area will suffer from depletion which will prevent you from doing future hair transplant procedures.

Misleading Hair Transplant Advertisements


It’s truly disappointing that there are establishments that prioritize profits over their patient’s safety and well-being. But that is the harsh truth. Remember to conduct proper research on the number of grafts you may require because graft count is based on the level of hair loss. If you are someone who requires 1500 grafts but you are provided with a quote of 3000 grafts , then this is a big red flag! Unnecessary and excessive amounts of grafts to cover a small area of hair loss is detrimental to your donor area.

Overharvesting can prevent you from doing future hair transplant procedures


Hair Transplant procedures carried out by unqualified doctors can result in complication. You may end up paying more for a Hair Transplant repair surgery if the results go sideways.


Administering local anaesthetic is a critical procedure as it involves numbing the extraction and planting site with precision. What if too much local anaesthetic is applied? Then one may suffer adverse effects such as gangrene due to lack of blood flow in the donor area. This can lead to excruciating pain and if not treated, may result in death.

Local anaesthesia during a Hair Transplant procedure
Failed Hair Transplant in Malaysia

Planting the grafts requires years of experience and knowledge. The doctor must have an understanding of the types of grafts and placement of the right grafts. The angle and direction of the planted grafts play an important role in achieving natural looking results. If the wrong grafts are placed in the wrong areas, you may see results that are not pleasant and unnatural.