An FUT Hair Transplant

The Follicular unit transplantation or FUT is a hair transplant method which is a much older option in comparison to an FUE. In an FUT hair transplant procedure, a long linear strip of hair-bearing skin is surgically removed from the back of the head using a scalpel.

The strip of hair would provide the necessary healthy grafts and then transplanted to the region of hair loss or balding area of the scalp. The FUT or STRIP surgical option usually yields proportionally more grafts per session but the downside is it will generally leave a linear scar at the donor region.

The FUT hair transplant scar, how detectable or undetectable the resulting linear scar is generally determined by a combination of elements, including your scalp skin elasticity, the doctor’s level of experience, but most significantly by the quality of the doctor’s surgical technique and experience.

It is Important to note that an FUT performed correctly by an experienced doctor whereby the FUT donor area is done through a hair strip incision and should it leave a linear scar, it can be camouflaged by a Scalp Micropigmentation or better known as an SMP. The linear scar will go undetected to the naked eye due to the natural results from an SMP.

The SMART™️ FUT Hair Transplant

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A Journey of Commitment

We take it upon ourselves to journey with you from pre procedure to post procedure and until successful results are achieved which can take a period of 12 to 14 months.

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